Vintage Vegas With a Modern Vibe

Robbie Rhodes has been a fan favorite since hitting the Vegas stage as an entertainment child-prodigy in the 70’s. Robbie's unique style and sophisticated swagger highlight a fun and entertaining performance that everyone should experience. Robbie and his band, are a throwback to the kinds of performances that made Nevada showrooms famous. Anyone who has been lucky enough to catch Robbie’s performances over the years knows that he can turn any stage into a playground. Each time Robbie performs, it is a one-time-only event. Why? Because Robbie is the supreme headliner, making his audience part of the show by performing only for them — live, in person, that night only. In return, the audiences shows a genuine love for Robbie and his band, and everyone ends up going home with cherished memories of the Vegas style show they always hoped they’d experience. Recent audenice comments are:

          "... I must say, I especially fell in love with your front man, Robbie Rhodes. He is so talented and has such charisma and great energy. I was truly moved." ~ Tammy

          "Shouldn't admit this....but fell in love with the lead singer...but I think all of us girls did tonight." ~ Marcie

It seems this versatile entertainer can play any instrument and all styles, and demonstrates this throughout his show. Robbie and his band can rock and swing two-step and laugh with the best of Vegas’ legacy of legendary entertainers.

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