FOR ENHANCED PRESENTATIONS: IF a choice of backdrops exists, a black traveler or backdrop would be the most appropriate. If a Grand curtain exists, the curtain should be "open" as the house is open. In some instances, if a cyclorama exists, a deep blue with some "breakups" on it, might be appropriate, but please check with the ARTIST.
NOTE: Please check with ARTIST or ARTIST’S representative before opening the "grand" curtain at show time.

LIGHTING REQUIREMENTS: Good concert lighting is required. Due to the great variety of facilities that host our tour events, we have developed this general lighting plan, which in most cases can be adapted to the configuration and inventory of each particular house. Please contact Production Manager via  to discuss specific questions, plots, numbers and types of instruments.

We need:
1. Five (5) Specials from FOH, and Four (4) Specials over band
2. Two (2) Color Washes from FOH: Deep Red and Deep Blue, both very saturated
3. Six (6) Color Washes over band: Congo Blue, Red, Blue, Amber, Fuchsia, Magenta
4. One (1) Full Stage Gobo Wash in Green
5. Two (2) (different) Gobo Washes from the Floor for mid-stage scrim
6. Cyc Lights, preferably from Top and Bottom
6, One (1) Follow Spot

FOR ENHANCED PRESENTATIONS: Lighting should be capable of dimming creating a more dramatic presentation. During slower dramatic numbers, the lighting should be reduced A lighting "special" for the piano would work very nicely with some "color" added.

LOCAL CREW REQUIREMENTS: For most concerts a "knowledgeable" venue contact should be available to open doors (usually the Venue Stage Manager). The time to have the theatre open should be determined by the ARTIST or ARTIST’S Representative initial contact. A Master Electrician (lighting board operator) should be there to make sure the lighting focus suffices and to operate the show. Sometimes this may all be the same person.