NOTE: Robbie Rhodes does NOT travel with a sound or light technician.

The items requested below are necessary in order that ARTIST can provide the best possible show for the PURCHASER.

Lighting Requirements

The Purchaser shall provide at his sole cost a full theatrical lighting system including lamps, trusses, cabling, dimmers, lighting console, etc., with appropriate personnel to set up and operate the system during the engagement. Lighting personnel will consult with  Robbie Rhodes and/or his road staff prior to the engagement. The meeting time must be determined at least two weeks prior to the engagement. All lighting systems should be flown, unless otherwise agreed to, in advance.

The lighting system must meet these specifications:
  • 4-color wash setup (Cobolt Blue, Red, Amber, Fuchsia)
  • Two (2) front positions
  • Four (4) specials
  • One (1) follow-spot w/intercom to the lighting technician.(Approved brands: Ultra Arc/Super Troopers, or equivalent)
  • A black or Navy Blue backdrop w/backlighting to project onto either projection screen or backdrop (denpending on show specifics)
  • Audience blinders/back light: blue, red, amber, and open white
  • A Lighting technician and one (1) experienced follow-spot operator
Video Projection Requirements

PURCHASER must provide a NTSC Video Projector of at least 3,500 Lumens with a composite signal input. Projector must be of high quality with functional lamp that has been calibrated, with no visible burns. Projector should be mounted so that it can project on a screen in the center of the stage, behind the 4" riser, and be at least 15' x 9'. Screen should be mounted two feet above the surface of the stage riser. Both projector and screen should be mounted in accordance with all local and national safety laws.

PURCHASER will provide sterio video player and composite video cable of appropriate length between sound technician and lighting projector, as well as adequate sterio sound feed to sound board.

Sound & Staging Requirments

A raised performance area (stage) which is a minimum of twenty (20') feet deep and thirty (30') feet wide. In any room where there is no stage, a platform which is at least four (4') feet high and of the dimensions goven above shall be provided.