Written By
Connie Wolfe and Robbie Rhodes


Every Part Of You
Written By: Connie Wolfe and Robbie Rhodes

Verse 1

You've got my mind, heart and soul
And everything in between
Honey you are on a roll
Your lovin's like nothing I've ever seen

Never needed a thing so much
As I do your kiss your smile
The feel of your tender touch
You give me every once in a while

Every part of me is deep down wanting every part of you
You're absolutely a livin' dream come true
If I couldn't hold you now Whoa I don't know what would do do
Cause every part of me is wanting every, every part of you

Verse 2
Those eyes, they make me go crazy
Like starlight in the night
You're a masterpiece baby
I count the seconds till I hold you tight

Your walk your talk, is my world
Your moves drives me insane
You make this man crazy girl
Make me swerve right outta my lane

I could not survive life without you in it
I get lonely if you're not there every minute

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