"NEXT Train From Memphis"

NEXT Train From Memphis

“NEXT Train From Memphis” is a killer CD by Robbie Rhodes with songs from Elvis’ legendary songwriters. These were songs slated for The King to record before his untimely passing. Glen Spreen, one of the co-writers of "Loving You's A Natural Thing," wrote: "As one of the people who participated in the 68 comeback, I find Robbie is very creative and his music speaks volumes." The album was released February 4, 2012 with all proceeds going to St. Jude Children’s Hospital and to Edie Hand Foundation/You Pave the Way. Edie Hand shared, "Robbie Rhodes is a special guy with a genuine heart to celebrate my cousin Elvis' music. He has the looks, charm, songs and class to pull off this new album."

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"NEXT Christmas"

NEXT Christmas

“NEXT Christmas” is a stellar charity album by Robbie Rhodes. He not only maintained authenticity to the recording and production sound of the era he was inspired by, but is also donating all proceeds to charity. Purchasing this CD will benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the You Pave the Way/Edie Hand Foundation.

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by Gerry Grzyb (aka Dr. Christmas)
Robbie Rhodes’ “Next Christmas” comes from an excellent Elvis impersonator—it’s so good you could pass it off as a long lost Elvis album, leaving the deceived to mumble “I never knew Elvis recorded that!” into their eggnog.  Proceeds from sales benefit St. Jude’s and the Edie Hand Foundation.